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Seamless project delivery can only be achieved by the professional management of all aspects of the project lifecycle. A good Project Manager is therefore not only capable of managing resources, time and budget - but undertakes absolute control of the defining parameters of the product itself including (but not limited to): scope, value, quantification, expectation, evaluation, risk, delivery and control.


NACE Consulting can guarantee a single contact, turnkey service that will satisfy any prescribed project requirement. This service aims to provide the Client with one point of control and responsibility for delivery. The benefits of this are substantial, not least of which is the early identification and ongoing control of risk.


Our dynamic methodologies and expertise in this area have been applied to projects valued less than $500K, in excess of $10 Million and at a national level.


Refer to Commercial Services Schedule.




Our experience in managing projects is not merely restricted to the age-old promise of “on time and on budget”. The construction process is inherent with risk and variables - and only by applying experienced resources can one be assured that the full scope of factors inherent in such a process are identified, controlled and/or eliminated.


Upon completion of project design, a Client may seek to charge the responsibility of managing the construction process with a qualified professional. NACE Consulting can undertake this responsibility and assure the Client of control, performance and confidence.


Refer to Commercial Services Schedule.